23 April 2009

++A Woman's Worth++

hmm..many men doesn't know about a woman's worth..
that's why they often took their girls for granted..
He'll never realize how much he loves his girl until she's gone..
until he loses her..

why men can't be faithful? why they always say stupid things such as:
1. "U're too possesive, i wanna be free, that's why i'm cheating on that girl..she give me something different,something wild n free, which i never have it from U"
2. "u never support me!! that's why i look at someone's else who can give me all the support i need..she could do it better, at least on that side...and on the other side, she is a good kisser.."
3. "u're still the one for me..but i still have to taste someone else's lips or body to make me realize that u ARE really the right one for me.."

( hehehe..these sentences are based on my personal experience, and also on some friend's experiences..sorry if i kinda quote ur stories... :p )

ok then..let's analize all the sentence..
1. u can see that all men are jerks, they never want a good girl who care for him so much.. (so girls,be a BAD-ASS!!)

2. d'oh!!! still...all men are jerks...what kind of support do u need??? (hhff..suddenly speechless)

3. no doubts..all men are jerks..do u think that women are ice cream?? so u can taste every flavour, n then u can go back to ur favorite flavour????? n why cant women do that too???? why there's a famous words 'cewe nakal' but i rarely found someone's saying 'cowo nakal'????

Btw, there's a song entitled 'a Woman's worth' by A.Keys..
Perhaps u can read it carefully..
n see how worth it a good girl is..

You could buy me diamonds
You could buy me pearls
Take me on a cruise around the world
Baby, you know I'm worth it
Dinner light by candles
Run my bubble bath
Make love tenderly to last, and last
Baby, you know I'm worth it...

Wanna' please; wanna' keep; wanna' treat your
woman right?
Not just told, but to show, that she knows she's
worth your time
You will loose, if you choose, to refuse to put her first
She will and she can find a man who knows her worth!

'Cause a real man knows a real woman when he
sees her
And a real woman knows a real man
Ain't 'fraid to please her
And a real woman knows a real man always
comes first
And a real man just can't deny
A woman's worth..

If you treat me fairly
I'll give you all my goods...
Treat you like a real woman should
Baby, I know you're worth it
If you never play me
Promise not to bluff
I'll hold you down when it gets rough
'Cause baby, I know you're worth it..

She rolls the mile; makes you smile, all the while
being true
Don't take for granted the passions that she has
for you
You will lose, if you choose, to refuse to put her first
She will and she can find a man who knows
her worth!

No need to read in between the lines
Spell it out for you
Just hear this song
'Cause you can't go wrong when you value
A woman's Worth!

Better Cherish that woman
You better be good for that woman..

udah ah..capek pake bahasa inggris.. :p

Danke fuer ihre Aufmerksamkeit..

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