07 January 2009

2008 - Highlights

Gosh, there was so many priceless experiences that I’ve been through in 2008..

2008 is a very cheerful yet scary for me..lol.

1 of the cheerful memorable moment was.. i went to Bali with my troops (The Deutschabteilung students of 2005) and especially with my beloved friends, The Apems!! Wish we can do it again someday.. :)

There was so many experiences such as I started to feel the work’s life, even though it’s just a 1 month internship..but still, I got so many experiences from it.. Being a worker is very challenging n also exhausting role to do.. we have to deal with angry-devil-wear-Prada kind of boss, the enthuasiastic co-workers, the ambitious, n the lazy one too.. hahaha.. and not to mention the crapy i-know-everything workers.. Hmm.. I love to work actually, but it make me feel dizzy with the unbelievable traffic jams that happened almost every weekday during the morning or in the afternoon..and at that time, I swore n cursed so much..lol.

After I finished my internship, then I have to deal with another roller-coaster moment in my life.. That time I have to take part as a TEACHER - a german teacher to be more details. Yup, after 3 desperate Years of learning German in the University (and still gonna be a frustrated student until now), I have to “share” my knowledge to the youngster in the highschool.. It’s really creepy at the beginning - I admit it so much - because the highschool students is the most wild and inevitable human being in this earth.. (Ermm..well this is only my thought though..lol). How can I win their hearts? How can I manage the class to just shut up for a while? How can I deliver the topics successfully? And how can I mingle to the crowd? Those questions are keep spinning in my mind for quite sometimes. Hmm.. This is a learning process of course, and until now, I still have to learn about that too.. :) But, after the whole teaching thing, I’ve changed my mind.. Before I had this experience, I never wanted to be a Teacher.. It never crossed my mind..EVER! But after this whole 5 months learning-teaching process, I feel that it’s really great having the opportunity to be able to teach them, and listening to their thoughts and their feelings, and of course, to share our knowledge to others.. :)

After that… I still got works to do.. 1 of them is the Seminar.. n I’m not in the mood of telling u this nightmare..lol. Just pray for me to finish everything on time, and with a great achievement.. :) .

While I’m dealing with Seminar, I got this honorable call from the university to be one of the candidates for Summer Course Scholarship in Germany.. Wow, this is really beyond my expectations actually.. just be the candidate made me feel really thankful to God.. :) Well, yeah I’m good (hahahaha..narcist part of me), but I think I’m not good enough to be chosen for this scholarship.. Well all I can do is just cross my finger, pray, n wait for the result.. Whatever the result is, I’ve done everything I could for the scholarship, and the result will be the best answer for me, even it’s bad or good news.. Because God knows what the best thing for me :)

Well that’s all I can say for the highlights of 2008..

See u in 2009..! I guess.. ;)

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