13 January 2009

Metromini equals Jakarta..^^

Everytime i wanna go to my campus..i must riding on Metromini. We can just called it Metro (that's what my friends and i used to say) Metromini is one of so many public transportation in Jakarta..

It's bus obviously, not so big, but not so small either..
hmm..like it or not, i HAVE to run and jump on it everytime i want to get on the bus (literary jumping!!).

Even though everytime i get on the bus, i will have to keep my eyes closed n keep praying to the God, so that i can arrive at my campus on time,n alive..:D

The Metromini's Drivers are all crazy people..!! it's simply because their way of
driving this piece of crap..(oh sorry, did i say crap?? well it's a piece of junk actually..^^)

Besides, this Bus produce sooo many air polution..(believe me, i already felt it when i'm riding with motorcycle behind the Metros!!) So no wonder if Jakarta is the big city with very high polution..:(

Hmm.. Everytime i'm on the bus, i will put on my mp3 player, and start listening beautiful songs from Jason Mraz.. (his songs makes me calm down a lil bit) I will pretend that i'm just riding a full speed boat in the beach..:D

Dear Jakarta's Governor..
Please be concern to this public transportation.. Dont just think about your famous 'Transjakarta' n the exclusive road for the 'Busway'. Come on..Be strict with those driver, they can't gambling for the passanger's life on the road.. They can't speed up in the hectic road, and make other people scared to death because of it..

So many people dead because of Metromini.. So many Metrominis overloaded with the passanger, n it makes the condition more dangerous, especially for the women..(They can get sexual harrasment, robbery, etc. on the bus)


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Olanatics said...

tes..hmm..akhirnya bisa juga naro komen..
Thx buat abang yang udh ngebenerin..^^

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